Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The one and only, Michael Kors.

Teen Vogue Fashion University Seminar #1 - Michael Kors

You've seen him on Project Runway, you've seen his clothes, shoes and accessories, have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually SEE Michael Kors??  I am still in complete shock that I was in the same room as Michael Kors.  I honestly don't even know where to begin.  Let's start with the basics.  This was my first seminar at Teen Vogue Fashion University.  Michael Kors was the keynote speaker for TVFU 2011, so unlike most of our seminars, everyone attended.  

After waiting in a mob of my fashionable, fellow TVFU students for about an hour, the doors opened and the stampede began!!!  We all scrambled into the Hudson Theatre to get amazing seats to listen to our welcoming seminar.  Okay, I know we're talking Michael Kors here, but it was insanity!

The Hudson Theatre

The room was full of anxious energy way before Michael Kors even entered.  Amy Astley, editor-in-cheif of Teen Vogue opened the seminar with a little Kors background.  When he finally made his way into the room, everyone went crazy!

Michael Kors

I really wasn't sure what to expect from Michael Kors.  Of course I've seen pictures of him and I've seen him on Project Runway, but I had no idea what to expect when actually seeing him in person.  I was so extremely impressed with the way that he carried himself.  He was full of smiles and bubbly energy.  I learned so many new things about him.  

Here's a little background on Mr. Kors:

-When he was just 5 years old, he advised his mother on her wedding dress.
-When he was a child, he was in a commercial for Lucky Charms cereal.
-Doodled shoes since age 6.
-He was so infatuated with fashion that he spent most of his money on clothes.
-Attended FIT when he was 18 and dropped out early because he felt he was ready to enter the industry.
-At 19 he worked in a boutique in NYC called Lothar's where he ran window displays, sales, and design.
-At the age of 21, he was discovered by Dawn Mello, the fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman.  She wanted him to contact her when he had created a line of clothes.
-When he contacted her, she fell in love with his line and wanted it.

-Although he knew that they would have a big impact on his design career, he was naive as to what department stores were capable of.
-After his first season at Bergdorf's he was contacted by Anna Wintour, who then worked for NY magazine, to see his collection.
-He did not have a place to display his collection, so he brought it all to her.  Of course, she loved the collection.
-Loves women, and being around them and seeing how clothes fit different women.
-He wasn't sure about joining Project Runway, as he thought that is was like, "Survivor for fashion designers".
-He has recently been honored by the CFDA in 2010 with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Inspirational quotes from Michael Kors:
-"Keep your focus, don't try to please everyone... If you try to please everyone, you'll please no one."
-"You're only as good as your last collection."
-"Don't listen to the 'rules'... Fashion will always throw you a curveball."
-"Look FABULOUS once you have your foot in the door." (This will make or break you, first impressions are VERY important.)
-"Be helpful, look stylish." 
He also had some humorous quotes:
-"Start small, max out your cards.  Borrow, beg and steel from everyone."

After Michael Kors speech, Amy Astley hosted a Q&A session with him.  Here are a few questions that you might find interesting:

Question: What is your definition of perfect?

Kors:  "I love imperfect.  Know yourself and know whats right for you, whether it's expensive or glossy or silly and undone, thats 'perfect'"

Question:  How do you keep things fresh?  What is the new black pant?

Kors:  "I love a camel coat.  The best clothes are something that is familiar, but its a little off.  I like to balance things with little details."

Question:  What is your biggest curveball?

Kors:  "My biggest curveball is the economy. [It is for everybody right now.]  You just need to focus and be true to yourself.  When times get tough, people need to know that you stand for something."

Overall, I thought Michael Kors was very inspiring.  I am so glad that I am able to share part of his seminar with you, because I feel that this information can benefit and inspire anyone, whether you plan on having a career in fashion or not.

The next seminar that I will be posting is the "Brilliance Behind Beauty" with Jesse Powers, the national educator for Make Up For Ever.

What do you find inspiring from Michael Kors?



  1. Great pics ! Hearing Michael speak was the highlight of the experience for me. But I was inspired by his humbleness.

    TVFU Class '11 :)

  2. awesome pics!
    love your blog
    I started following you, hope you'll follow me back!!!

  3. omg that is amazing you got to hear him speak! he is such a legend! my favorite bag is by MK!

    love from San Francisco,


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