Saturday, March 24, 2012

An opportunity of a lifetime...

Blogger's Wardrobe.  Remember that name!  This is an amazing website that caters to an exclusive community of bloggers.  Belonging to this website would open some unbelievable opportunities for me.  Let me explain to you why... 

Blogger's Wardrobe is like "fashion blogger dreamland" providing its members with access to free designer clothes, accessories, electronics, and even invitations to fabulous parties and fashion weeks.  AMAZING, right?!  But I'm sure you might be wondering why they would give such things to bloggers?

Bloggers have the advantage of creating a "relationship" with their readers.  Sure, I may have never met some of you.  But if you've read this far, you already know a few things about me, if you continue reading, you'll learn a bit more.  If you leave me a comment, I'll read it and know what you like/don't like about my blog and if you have a blog, I'll check it out.  Blogging is really a huge cycle.

Let me briefly tell you why I started blogging...
-To show you a little bit about myself and my personal style, along with my journey to be successful in the fashion industry.
-To connect with and learn about other fashionistas across the globe.

If I was chosen to be a member of Blogger's Wardrobe, it would benefit us all!
-How would it benefit me?
This membership would open doors for my blog, introducing me to new brands, bloggers and opportunities.
-How would it benefit you?
Who doesn't love having a heads up on the latest fashion trends and must-have products and brands?  Let me do the work, you can read all about it. :)
-How would it benefit the brand/company?
I can be a promoter and supporter by showcasing their product to my friends, family, and readers.

If I had a Blogger's Wardrobe membership, I could specifically choose the products that I'm interested in so that they would still be a reflection of me and my style.  That's really what it is all about and there's no better promoter than a real person that can live in a brand and relate to it.

Now to the fun part... PICTURES!!!  
Blogger's Wardrobe is connected with many brands, but here are a few brands that they work with that really caught my eye:

How fabulous are these shoes?!  This puts a whole new take on "ice-braker"!  Finsk shoes have been worn by celebrities including Rihanna and Lady Gaga.  It definitely takes some major confidence to wear these shoes. (And some good balance!)  But this is just an example of one of the amazing brands that Blogger's Wardrobe represents.  If I was chosen as a member of Blogger's Wardrobe, how crazy would it be if I could get my hands on a pair of these?!  Enough said. :)


$600 -

$670 -

$1,000 -

$500 -

$1,000 -

$1,000 -

I could have posted tons of pictures from this brand, but I decided to just pick out a few outfits from the Spring 2012 Lookbook.  Although, I highly recommend clicking the GESTUZ link (above) to go to their website and view some of their other amazing lookbooks.  They are chic and elegant, but still have a bit of a rock n' roll vibe.  This brand looks well made, which can be very hard to find lately!  I would love to be able to wear some of their clothes.


This is a Danish brand that I have never heard of before and I have fallen in love with their jewelry!  What makes this brand even better is the quality!  Every single piece is handmade, hand painted and hand assembled.  Pilgrim uses plating with either 925 sterling silver or 16 carat gold on all items!  Fabulous!  Here are a couple of pieces that I especially liked...

So what do you think?  Have you heard of these brands before?  There's probably at least one that is new to you.  Wouldn't it be great if I could continue to introduce new brands to you?  The best part is that I could give you my honest opinion about how these products really are, because we all know that what you see, isn't always what you get...

I hope that you are all as excited as I am!  I am now finishing my application to become a member of Blogger's Wardrobe.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that I qualify for this amazing opportunity!


P.S. If you'd like to learn even more about Blogger's Wardrobe click here to visit their website!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dreaming of Spring.

Hello again!  I have taken quite a long break from blogging due to lack of inspiration and a very busy schedule, but I'm back!  I am so excited to show you some new looks that I've put together.  I also have a little surprise coming for you in the next couple of weeks ;) so I'll be updating you on that very soon!  In the meantime here's a look that I put together a few weeks ago...